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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s 10 STEPS TO START YOUR COMPANY, Spain-Latin America

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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s 10 STEPS TO START YOUR COMPANY

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June 10 2019
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Are you ready to build your own company? Start this adventure taking into account these tips. This will be your year as an entrepreneur. You will have to work hard, it will not be easy, but in the end it will be very comforting.

1. the idea
Investigate the market and analyze the business possibilities you have in mind. Remember that each business sector is very different, analyze the weaknesses and strengths.

TIP: For this you can perform a SWOT analysis.

2. Business Model
Now is time to figure out how to create, develop and capture value. You can download templates like the "Canva" model so that you have a well-structured guide.

3. Business Plan
After having your business model ready, it's time to get going. The business plan will identify, describe and precisely define the business idea. In addition, you can check its technical, commercial and financial viability.
Finally, this document will help you plan the strategies to follow, the steps to take and the resources to use.
TIP: Remember that a well structured business plan is a very important tool when presenting your business idea to third parties, investors, banks and institutions.

4. Brand Creation
It is time to be creative and think about the brand, this implies thinking about the logo, design, corporate colors, etc. Having a brand will help you stand out from the competition. Do not forget to register it!

5. Accounting and legal advice.
To avoid any inconvenience, you must have accounting and legal advice. This way you will avoid problems with the contracts and with the first expenses.

6. Documentation.
In this step you should review all the necessary documentation to create a company such as approval permit, social contract, regulations of the activity to be exercised ....

7. Human Resources
The success of a company depends on the people you hire. They will be your daily support.

8. Marketing
You should think about the actions for the diffusion of your product or service. Think about online and offline actions. Analyze where your target audience is so that you can impact them more efficiently.

9. Growth
improve the processes and adapt to the market on a daily basis.

10.Idea's worth nothing, execution is worth everything. Good Luck!
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