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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s 5 REASONS TO LOVE CARTAGENA, Spain-Latin America

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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s 5 REASONS TO LOVE CARTAGENA

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April 16 2019
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1.Beauty of its beaches

The islands near the city of Cartagena are a dream. The turquoise water, transparent, surrounded by vegetation and white sand is a tropical paradise.


No one can deny that in Cartagena you eat wonderful. Waking up with an exquisite Colombian coffee accompanied by an arepa con huevo in front of the sea is priceless. You should leave Cartagena without trying their appetizing sea food. Fish such as the sierra, bocachico, mojarra, are the basis of a number of typical dishes from the Caribbean coast. You can accompany these delicacies with rice with coconut and patacones.

3. Art and culture

Cartagena is a very complete city. Important events are organized throughout the year. In the city of Cartagena you will have the opportunity to witness a wide variety of cultural events such as the Cartagena Film Festival, the Hay Festival, the International Music Festival, among others.

4. Historical Center

Balance between tradition and modernity. The harmonious coexistence between the old and the modern is characteristic of the charm of Cartagena. Cartagena de Indias will surprise you with its bright colors that will make every photo you take a dream.

5.Happines of its people

This city is made by its people. The joy of Cartagena is contagious. Everyone is kind and proud of their roots. You will be able to find beautiful and colorful palanqueras that tell their story and sweeten life with their delicious delicacies.

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