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July 27 2019
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Under the dim moonlight, a sailboat was drifting, and in the middle of a storm, the waves of the sea flooded the Sakura Maru , the first ship that had challenged the curse to escape from Japanese waters

The sky had darkened for more than 5 days and the stars did not appear again.

"Where are we, Captain?" Asked the 40 men who accompanied that journey that seemed more a punishment for having escaped from Japanese lands.
In the midst of silence after not finding an answer in his guide, lightning was seen falling in the middle of the ocean and the ship began to move. "It's a mermaid!" Shouted the navigators. A woman whose body shone colored scales and whose eyes shone like candles, took them to the port of El Callao in Peru.

The Japanese feared getting off the ship and did not do so until they saw the first flashes of sunlight. Upon getting off, they were greeted by the locals with baskets full of fish and other sea creatures, which in the eyes of Ayami, the ship's cook, were comparable to gold; I could not wait to start merging them to get magical ancestral recipes that would satisfy the hunger of the crew. Mixing the ingredients gave rise to the Nikkei cuisine .

Many nights sitting in the port, Nameki, the captain of the ship, told the story of the siren to the local farmers, until in one of them, that mermaid reappeared. He, astonished, asked: "What's your name?", To which she quickly replied: "Candelaria is my name, guardian of the land and the sea. I have come to say goodbye. Find me on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Cartagena de Indias , a city treasured by legends. ”

The Japanese did not know how to get there, but Candelaria would leave her trail for them to achieve. In the middle of the sea, they found candles as if they were lighthouses and along the entire route a group of winged dolphins and other fantastic animals accompanied them on their way. After three weeks sailing, they managed to see a city surrounded by walls.

Nameki and his crew found a party city; Drums rumbling and a crowd in jubilation, he received them at the Port of La Bodeguita, as well as a group of pirates whose sword was illuminated as much as if they were set on fire. Amid the excitement Nameki asked “Where can I find Candelaria, a siren that has saved us, taking us to a safe harbor? I look forward to seeing you again! ”

"Candelaria?" Asked Luis de Heredia, the army commander who protected the city. Do you mean The Virgin from whom we are celebrating his birth today? Nameki realized that the mermaid had not been real, but the miracle of La Virgin to save him and his crew. Surrendered before the sky, all sailors fell to their knees promising Candelaria with burning candles, their devotion. Also, Ayami promised to cook for ever and ever to commemorate the miracle that produced the perfect blend. And so was born Candelaria, Nikkei restaurant , a gastronomic miracle.
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