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August 15 2019
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In Cali, not everything is salsa. In this city you will have the opportunity to connect with nature and get out of the routine. Colombia is a country rich in biodiversity, it is a natural paradise. This is why you can't stop practicing bird watching . It is true experience for lovers of these animals.

Did you know that Colombia is the city with the highest number of bird species in the world? There are about 1921 species that represent 20% of birds worldwide and 47% of them are in the Valle del Cauca . According to national authorities, 278,850 travelers would be willing to visit Colombia for their birds.


In Cali, the Birdfair event has been held for the last 4 years. This event attracts thousands of birdwatchers and talks are held to raise awareness about the care of fauna and flora, not only in the country but in the world.

Places for bird watching

• You do not have to go far, in the heart of the city you can see a great variety of birds including: 'toritos cabecirrojos', 'blue cocks', 'bichofue', 'tangaras', 'guacharaca', 'canaries' and even 'Australian parrots'.
• Bird watching in San Antonio and Km 18
• Lake Garzas Eco-Park
• Natural Hearts Shelter Nature Reserve, listed as an area of ​​Importance for Bird Conservation (AICA)

TIP: To make bird watching, the ideal thing is to do it from 5:30 am to be able to appreciate more birds

Preara your camera and I invite you to see more than 500 species that adorn the skies of Cali.
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