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July 23 2019
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Did you know that the Clock Tower was the only entrance to the city of Cartagena ?

Usually we walk on the streets, but we do not stop a second to admire the beauties and details that we find in our day to day. I I suggest that when you pass right in front of the Clock Tower you stop 30 seconds and contemplate the clock, it is not a simple hour what you see, they are bits of the history of the city of Cartagena de Indias

This emblematic monument is a 30-meter-high building that was constructed around 1631. Currently, it is located in the Plaza de los coches. In 1874 a clock brought from the United States was installed, after 63 years it was replaced by the current one, imported from Switzerland.

The famous Clock Tower, initially was the main call to the Heroic. This beautiful work was not just an entrance into the walled city. This monument is one of the five most beautiful public clocks in the world.

Near the Clock Tower you will find a square surrounded by bars and restaurants. A day full of vendors, smells, joy and colors typical of Colombia, at sunset time there are local musicians and dancers who form an attractive spectacle. At night it lights up and is the perfect setting to fall in love with the streets of the beautiful city of Cartagena.

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