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May 13 2019
Faranda Posts
During the VVI century many travelers visited the beautiful San Andres and Providencia Island . The story of Morgan's cave revolves around a legendary English pirate named Sir Henry Morgan.

The ancestors of the natives have been in charge of spreading this fantastic legend telling that Captain Morgan used this cave as a refuge, to keep his wonderful treasures and everything that he robbed the Spaniards. Morgan managed to take a great fortune from the Spaniards after defeating them with the help of 1200 men. This way he took over the old Panama the looting completely.

All these treasures that are hidden in a very safe place. One sunny day, navigating the sea of ​​the 7 colors, the Captain Morgan found this rock with the depth necessary to hide his wealth. However, today nothing has been found.

Visit the cave is an adventure to relive the times of pirates . It is also very exiting and fun to go with children. There will always be a guide who will tell you more details about this intrepid pirate.

Dare to find the barrels full of gold, silver and precious stones of which the stories speak, enter the depths of the semi-sweet water that lies in the cave. It is definitely a point of reference where the history and mythology of the pirates ancestors is found.

How to get there : It is located at Av. Circunvalar Km. 8)

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