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July 11 2019
Faranda Posts
"The virgin was born," they shouted in the place. The candles went out, but the house was still illuminated; the voices were silent, Candelaria was born. There was a buzzing sound, the echo did not make it clear and the noise of the trees hid an strange sound. The children of the gods, three monkeys who were sent to spy what was happening on the earth, appeared just after the weeping of Candelaria and scared everyone who was there, because the branch of a tree fell off in the middle of the lake and completely bathed all those around the newborn. Hazal, Ethel and Tizán were the primates chosen by the King Monkey to try to replicate the behaviors of human beings in their jungle. Each of them had only developed one sense, so they had to stay together in order to share what they had seen. Hazal, the eldest, could only observe what was happening; Ethel, the most mischievous of all, had the ability to speak, but without being understood by those of its own race; and Tizán, the only one who managed to understand humans, Could not talk. Over time, the monkeys managed to copy the behaviors of the humans who inhabited Casa La Factoría, they became the protectors of the place and today they are part of the history of this Hotel, they see, they listen, but they do not reveal the secrets; discover them.
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