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July 24 2019
Faranda Posts
In Cali, you will find a friendly feline 3.5 meters high, carved in bronze, on the banks of the Cali River. But what is the story behind this curious cat?

One of the favorite plans for tourists and city dwellers is to visit the well-known cat. This is a famous sculpture called “el gato del rio” or “el gato de tejada” is a bronze monument forged by an artist discarded from the Valle del Cauca , Hernando Tejada. This cat has become one of the most emblematic monuments of Cali.

This cat has witnessed innumerable kisses of those in love who walk through the Cali river, athletes and thousands of tourists. The artist Hernando Tejada , a pereirano lover of cats, gave life to this cat in 1996 by framing the plan to beautify the Cali river. The sculpture weighs three tons and was cast in Bogotá, where it was an odyssey to be transferred.

The river cat , after several years of solitude, in 2006 the Cali chamber of commerce that the roof cat should have company , some girlfriends. This is why 15 feline sculptures painted by various Colombian artists were made. These cats full of color and creativity were placed along the river boulevard .

This is definitely a place that you must visit to appreciate the artistic culture of Cali, within the park there are paths that guide you through all the works and there are spaces to take pictures with them. It is a unique space surrounded by trees, a great commercial, hotel and tourist activity. I invite you to meet the cat and her girlfriends!

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