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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s GET TO KNOW BOGOTÁ

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July 25 2019
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Colombia is a trendy destination, and that is its capital Bogotá , it is an inevitable destination. It may be an intimidating city for those who don't know it. It is a city full of energy and vitality. It is a city for everyone!, Here you will find a range of airplanes and activities for each of the different tastes and ages.

- Bogotá is a city with beautiful sunny days. Take advantage of these days and use the bicycle that passes through the most important streets of the city. This way you can get to know the city in a fun and healthy way.

-It is an amazing city. It has many interesting places to visit such as museums, churches, parks, gastronomic area, viewpoints, markets among others, you should know organization and plan your visit by areas so you do not waste time moving from one place to another.

-You will feel that you live in 4 seasons. Bogotá's weather is unpredictable. I advise you to wear several layers of clothes and so you can adapt as the temperature increases. Do not forget to always carry an umbrella with you, at any time you may need it.

-Bogota is a city full of life and nature, this constant variety of green areas thanks to its parks and the eastern hills that dominate the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe .

-A clear Spanish heritage is hot chocolate, which is served with cheese to melt inside. It may sound strange but it cannot go from Bogotá without trying it.

-In Bogotá there is ALWAYS something happening, fairs, concerts, shows among others, it is advisable to check the calendar of cultural events so that you take full advantage of the city.

-The last Sunday of the month the entrance to many museums is FREE, do not forget it.

-Prepare to live a hectic nightlife and full of fun. You will find different styles and environments.

- Bogotá is the cultural epicenter of the country. This vibrant capital is a city that will captivate you with its inexhaustible cultural offer. Are you ready?
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