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May 13 2019
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I do not know if you've noticed but when you open Instagram you find that having a healthy lifestyle is becoming very trendy. A bunch of photos eating healthy, exercising, practicing some sport ... To achieve the balance that your body needs to be healthy, you must incorporate certain habits in your day to day life. This depends on you, you can give a turn to your personal well-being.

The key is to take a balanced diet avoiding excesses. You must include the foods that are part of the nutritional pyramid in the right proportions and sufficient quantity. Remember to combine fruits, vegetables and the necessary amount of fiber, in this way you will go the right way.

This is one of the main habits that we must take into account when improving our quality of life. It is advisable to do physical exercise between four and five days a week. If you are not used to the exercise, you should do it progressively. You can start walking, riding a bike, swimming, dancing ...

We must purify our body and eliminate toxins, for this we must take at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps us digest food better and accelerate metabolism. Now there are apps that remind you when you should drink water. If you do not like water very much, I recommend that you put slices of lemon or fruit to change the flavor a bit. CHEERS!

Sleeping is one of the vital functions for our body and we should not neglect it. Take rest as a priority to stay healthy and energized. Think well before losing valuable hours of sleep by checking social media or watching a movies.

TIP: Sleep between six and eight hours per day to recover lost energy

Not only the physical part of our body should follow a series of healthy habits.
Do not forget the brain, this also has to be trained and tested constantly.

Beyond wanting to get a healthy life we ​​have to talk about a healthy lifestyle. Remember that this implies a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. What are you waiting for to implement these habits in your life?

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