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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s HOW TO GET THE PERFECT TAN, Spain-Latin America

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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s HOW TO GET THE PERFECT TAN

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August 15 2019
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If you are going on a trip to the Caribbean, a place where the sea dazzles you with its turquoise colors and white sand beaches, it is essential to be prepared to properly obtain the golden color that you always dreamed of.

Did you know that while you tan your body is getting vitamin D that helps you improve your mood?

Remember that the skin is very delicate and you need to prepare it before, during and after your trip to the city of Cartagena. or any destination where you are planning to get a tan.


1) Exfoliation: You must start with your skin as new. For this, the first thing you have to do is exfoliate it to remove all your dead cells. In this way the tan will last longer and your skin will be more apt to receive the rays of the Caribbean sun.

2) Activation of melanin: Days before starting with the task of obtaining that tan color, so desired, you can apply pre-tanners to activate melanin (dark pigment that is found in some cells of the body and that produces the coloration of the skin).

3) Food: Did you know that eating certain foods will help you not only get, but keep that tan ?. Start to include in your diet foods rich in carotene such as carrots and tomatoes.

Now that you know how to prepare your skin, learn what you should do during sun exposure.


Don't forget this: Never tan within 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. These are the hours of sunshine that cause more damage to your skin

Apply a layer of sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning and then apply the suntan so that your skin gets a faster color. Don't forget to touch up every 3 hours.

Tip: It is not advisable to expose yourself directly to the sun more than 1 hour in a row.

Hydration: Do not forget to drink lots of water during sun exposure and eat food. You need to stay as hydrated as possible. Your skin will thank you.

After a long day of sun exposure, it is very important to continue to take care of yourself at home. Do not go to sleep without moisturizing your skin. Use a cream or gel with aloe vera. Aloe vera has calming and regenerating effects, and it feels very refreshing.

Achieving a perfect tan is not as easy as it seems. You must be very careful not to damage your skin. Do not overexpose yourself to the sun. Enjoy your holidays in Cartagena and with these tips you will get that golden tone so beautiful and desired.
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