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June 16 2019
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The famous Hoyo soplador is one of the most visited sites on the San Andrés Island . It is located at the southern end of the island. This tourist attraction is a jet of air and very strong water that gushes out of a hole. This effect happens when the water is propelled by the waves when hitting the coral 10 meters below the hole, throwing the water by pressure up to 15 meters high.

The Hoyo Soplador is located between colorful kiosks and shops of raizales or natives of the island. Here you can buy reminders and special gifts. You can also enjoy a delicious and refreshing "coco loco" while you appreciate this curious phenomenon of nature. You can also take a spectacular photos if you stop by the hole waiting for the water source to come out.

Important: Before traveling to the Hoyo Soplador, find out if the tide is high or low. If the tide is low you will not be able to enjoy the jet of water and air that expel the hole to blow. If you do not blow in the same way you can enjoy a delicious crazy coconut and know this unmissable place on the island.
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