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April 16 2019
Events in the Hotel
Colorful Barranquilla

In Colombia, the Barranquilla Carnival is a very important cultural event, internationally recognized as a folk event of great relevance.

The symbol of Barranquilla and its carnival is the Marimonda . This is a character with a curious and funny appearance. The costume is made of a mask with a long nose, big ears and a suit with patches, jacket and pants upside down.

When the carnival began, a Barranquillero decided to dress up to go to the carnival, but he did not have a satin or rhinestones trajectory and the economic situation did not allow him to have all this , then he decided to create a costume with the things at hand, bags, bags and clothes. The working class were bullied by the elitists of that time; a form of mockery and liberation of that moment was imitating them and turning them into a cartoonish form, hence the Marimonda was born.


The official song is La Butaca because it is a cheerful fandango. Song to which marimonda is left without dancing in the troupes.

The marimonda symbolizes a cheerful and "Mamandora de gallo" as they would say on the coast.

I invite you to the carnival to see this character so picturesque.

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