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July 24 2019
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If you are interested in learning more about the cheerful and contagious culture of the Caribbean, from the roots of the Atlantic coast, I invite you to visit the Caribbean museum . In this place you can visit the media library Macondo, specialized in the works of Gabriel García Márquez , see exhibitions on topics such as music, parties, literature, indigenous culture and nature of the region.

In April 2008, the Caribbean museum , opened its doors after six years of construction. The architectural design was in charge of the Giancarlo Mazzanti ravine. It is the first regional museum in the country, its central theme is the Caribbean . The Caribbean Museum is history, it honors the memory of the Caribbean people. In this place culture is in the air. In this space you can see the traditions, customs and folklore of the Caribbean showing how the interaction of these elements, over time, has allowed the diverse configuration of the region. It is a different museum, the museum promotes visitor participation, invites you to ask, try, listen, dance, touch.

Visiting the the Caribbean museum is a wonderful one for all those who visit Barranquilla and want to be infected with its environment, culture and the great characteristic of people from the coast of Colombia. Going to Barranquilla without visiting the the Caribbean museum is leaving without recognizing the great advances that the city of Barranquilla in terms of culture. It is a plan that does not take much time but is definitely worth the visit.
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