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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s A NATURAL EXOTIC WONDER

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August 15 2019
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If you are a nature and ecotourism lover, you will enjoy this plan near the city of Cartagena , located in the municipality of Santa Catalina. This is an adventure in the Totumo Volcano . Discover its amazing warm mud boiler and enjoy a spectacular landscape of the swamp.

The Totumo Volcano is 15 meters high, and its crater has a diameter of 3 meters. It has a wooden staircase in order to ride and access the mouth of the volcano. This is a great tourist attraction to enjoy the magnificent healing properties of this mineral-rich mud, and in warm and sulfuric waters. This is a super fun plan to share with friends or family, where they will create unforgettable memories.

After enjoying this therapeutic experience and letting your body dry for about 15 minutes to absorb all the properties, you will find some women who offer you a personalized massage service in it and then clean you with the water of the swamp.

After having this unique experience you can eat typical Caribbean dishes near the area.

I invite you to live the experience and immerse yourself in the Totumo Volcano !
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