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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s SAN ANDRES CHECKLIST, Spain-Latin America

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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s SAN ANDRES CHECKLIST

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June 10 2019
Faranda Posts
If you come to visit San Andres Islands do not forget to make all these plans.

1. Visit the spectacular aquarium at Johnny Cay and have fun observing the great variety of marine species.
2. Go around the island and stop at the wonderful spots to take souvenir photos.
3. Try a delicious crab pie.
4. Visit Morgan's cave and learn about this pirate and his treasures.
5. Immerse yourself in the pool and swim together the playful fish.
6. Take a picture in the blower hole; It will be the funniest photo of your trip.
7. Try the famous rondón, a typical dish on the island of San Andrés.
8. Enjoy the Sanadresana rumba dancing reggae and calypso.
9. Practice an adventure sport on the island such as surfing, kite surfing, diving or snorkelling.
10. Enter nature and climb the peak and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea of ​​the 7 colors.
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