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May 13 2019
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The official name of this street is our Lady of La Candelaria, however today it is known as Calle la Factoria or Calle de la Marquesita. Currently and especially in the Caribbean, Factoria is synonymous of factory.

The name to this street was given due to a factory during the seventeenth century dedicated to the trade of items and candles . Other historians say that its name was given due to the flour factories that were dispatched on the ground floor of the house of the Marqués de Valdehoyos, located on this street.

In this street stands out the best example of the Cartagena’s mansion of the time, the Casona de los Marqueses de Valdehoyos, which was restored several years ago by the National Tourism Corporation and nowadays the Ministry of Foreign Affairs operates on it.

This street was chosen to build our Hotel Casa la Factoría by Faranda Boutique. A hotel that will transport you centuries ago in an old restored house full of magic and history. Visit us and relive the story.

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