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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s What should I take to the sea of ​​7 colors, Spain-Latin America

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Faranda Hotels & Resorts’s What should I take to the sea of ​​7 colors

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What should I take to the sea of ​​7 colors

July 24 2019
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If you are going on a trip to a tropical destination, to relax and have fun without worries, usually for the excitement, it is normal to forget the essential things for the departure to your destination. Therefore we do not want to forget anything to avoid any inconvenience either of missing or excess luggage, so here we will leave you a checklist so you have all the necessary items for your adventure.


● Microfiber towel- This allows you to save space and also dries very quickly
● Swimsuit
● Sunglasses
● Sunscreen
● After the sun
● Light clothes
● Hat or cap
● Mobile charger
● Snorkeling
● Beach games
● Mini medicine cabinet - On long trips or tropical destinations you never know what can happen, it is better to be prepared with medicines, analgesics, insect repellents.
A good book


To keep the suitcase always in order it is best to use organizers, this is the perfect way to know where everything is going and not have everything scrambled, if we have not used it we are sure that it will be a life changer for you.
Another tip is to carry a waterproof bag or backpack. If you are going to be doing water activities we do not want the cell phone or photo equipment to be damaged. At the end of the trip you can use it to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

Something you think is essential that we have forgotten?
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